Ascend and Transcend

EP 37 How to Be a Conscious Leader with Dot Connect Founder, Dom Farnan

June 8, 2022

Our guest Dom Farnan, Founder of Dot Connect Talent Advisors, chats with us about how she came out of the “spiritual closet” in her business and why she attributes some of her success to taking that risk.

She explains why authenticity is everything in business and how we can go from having 2 versions of ourselves (work vs home) and just how deep we should go into the “woo-woo” with our teams and clients.

Show Notes

00:55 What exactly is conscious leadership?

04:31 Implementing conscious leadership in a practical business setting

07:24 Why rooting these leadership methods into your company is a long-term process

09:31 COVID's silver lining was the new ways colleagues learned to relate to each other

12:53 Introducing consciousness modalities to clients and their response

15:00 Coming out of the spiritual closet in your professional life

19:14 Masculine vs feminine energy and the conditioning of feminine energy

21:42 The relationship between your image and energy at work vs at home

23:20 Closing thoughts & further resources

Dom’s links:

Personal Website

Dot Connect



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